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Takunda Rukanda


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Takunda is a skillful facilitator, speaker,entrepreneur and consultant.

He has over 7 years of work and study experience in multicultural environments.

Key Facilitation Focus Areas(Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics and Multichannel Digital Marketing)

● Cybersecurity Awareness.

● Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures.

● Cybersecurity Roles and Tools

● Cybersecurity Investigation and Management

● Computer Forensics and investigation

● Leadership.

● Team Work

● Risk Management.

● Strategic Management

● Technical Support Fundamentals.

● Leadership and Management

● Project Management.

● Customer Service ExcellenceCertifications

● Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator (CPF)

● Certified Information Security Specialist (CISS)

● Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course

● Certified Project Manager (CPM)

● Certified Google IT Support Specialist

● IBM Cyber Security Badges (Compliance, Frameworks, Tools and Roles)


Takunda has a rare ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and understandable manner. He also knows how to influence change.

Moloi, Rayon Business School

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