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TJ Malamule


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TJ Malamule is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, customer experience expert, sales strategist, and one of the top 100 global coaching leaders. With his exceptional insights, dynamic speaking style, and extensive experience, TJ has been transforming individuals and organizations worldwide. Known for his great sense of humor and entertaining presence, TJ captivates audiences with his infectious energy and engaging delivery.

Motivation: TJ's presentations are carefully crafted to motivate individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and achieve their highest potential. He combines his energetic personality and sense of humor to create an engaging and inspiring atmosphere.

Customer Experience: TJ is an expert in enhancing customer experience and has a deep understanding of the strategies and techniques required to create exceptional customer interactions. His presentations are not only informative but also entertaining, ensuring that audiences are fully engaged throughout.

Sales Strategies: With his extensive background in sales, TJ provides practical strategies and innovative approaches to drive sales success. He combines his energetic and entertaining style with valuable insights to make his presentations memorable and impactful.


 Top 100 Global Coaching Leaders: TJ Malamule's expertise and influence have earned him a place among the top 100 global coaching leaders, cementing his status as a respected thought leader in his field.

Author: TJ has authored multiple best-selling books, including "Unlocking Your Potential: A Guide to Personal and Professional Success" and "Elevate Your Sales Game: Strategies for Exceptional Performance." His written work offers valuable insights and practical advice.

Thought Leadership: TJ's articles have been featured in prominent publications, and he has made appearances on various podcasts and talk shows, sharing his expertise and inspiring others.


Here are five things’ companies have said about TJ Malamule:


"TJ's energetic and humorous approach to motivation is truly infectious. Our team was engaged from start to finish, and his insights had a lasting impact on our mindset and performance." - Gerhard Jovner – KFC SA


"TJ's ability to combine humor, entertainment, and valuable customer experience strategies made his presentation a standout at our conference. The audience was thoroughly entertained and left with practical techniques to improve customer satisfaction." - 3.​Nadia Kleynhans-  Webbers

"TJ brought a fresh and entertaining perspective to sales strategies. His dynamic delivery and witty anecdotes kept our sales team engaged throughout the session. We saw immediate improvements in their confidence and performance." - LMN Sales Solutions

"We invited TJ to speak at our company's annual event, and he exceeded our expectations. His blend of humor, motivation, and practical sales advice left a lasting impression on our employees. He was the highlight of the event." - PQR Enterprises

"TJ's presentations are not only informative but also highly entertaining. His energy and humor kept our audience captivated, and his insights on personal growth and motivation were incredibly valuable. We highly recommend him as a speaker." - Sifiso Nxumalo- VW SA

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