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Warren Ingram


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Warren has been a financial planner since November 1996 and a CFP® professional since 2005. He was the Financial Planning Institute’s Financial Planner of the Year in 2011 and their Media Award winner in 2013.

He co-founded Galileo Capital with Theo Vorster in 2005. He is the author of How to Make Your First Million’ and the best seller, “Become Your Own Financial Advisor”. He is a regular guest on 702 radio/CapeTalk with Bruce Whitfield. He writes a monthly column on investments for Moneyweb and is regularly featured on financial TV shows.


“I just had to send you this quick note to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the life-changing talks on investments and personal finance that you have done for our firm over the last 4 years! Your talks have been understandable to a wide-ranging audience, from our new Candidate Attorneys and other graduates to very experienced and senior directors of this firm. We do not often invite external speakers or trainers, but based on the phenomenal feedback we have received from those who have attended your sessions, we are repeatedly asked by staff members to invite you again. You have consistently received the highest possible rating from the attorneys here and you are our top external trainer in terms of ratings and popularity. Vast numbers of attendees have reported to us that, after your talks, they were taking control of their finances and applying the principles you discussed.”Words cannot express what an impact your visits to ENS africa have had and continue to have on the attendees. You truly touch and change many lives!”

– Lindie, ENS

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