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Eco Warriors


Grow Team Grow 

Rise of the Eco Warriors


Build your team the Eco-friendly way! Teams compete against each other in 4 Eco Related Tasks – building the team, but also building our ability to create sustainability for our planet.

From Eco-Bricks to toilet roll planters, to plastic knitting, to solar powered toys, teams will use communication, teamwork and creativity to complete the tasks which are judged by both timing and quality.


We work in partnership with Roots and Shoots NPO, and all the Eco-Bricks, placemats, herb gardens & toys can be donated to Khensani's Collection in Diepsloot. This incredible initiative is a sustainable school and community project where locals are building infrastructure (including schools, homes and gardens) out of Eco Bricks. If the team is keen, we can even arrange a visit to help out in the community. Donations of time are also welcome!

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