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Firewalking with Cobus Visser


Extreme seminar formats such as the firewalk are quickly changing the consciousness of corporate America.

Many of the world’s most forward-thinking companies such as SWD Eagles, Whirlpool and Samsung regularly use firewalk seminars to motivate and inspire their employee base as well as middle- and upper- management, thus creating a more productive work environment for all.

Many of the world’s leading CEO’s have embraced the immense power of the firewalk and strolled over the coal bed themselves.

These unique and innovative seminars create an environment that will push your team beyond their present limits and help them break-though mental barriers that may be holding them back from their true potential.

The end result

Overcoming FearsIdentifying PurposeRemoving Limited BeliefsPower of setting IntentionsOvercoming obstacles and barriers

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