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Ilan Smith : Business Talks


From the stage to the boardroom. After many years of experience creating and performing magic and illusions, I have decided to share the knowledge. To let you in and give you a glimpse of what is, how it’s created and best of all… how this can be implemented into the business world.

Using a mixture of body language, psychology and misdirection you won’t believe what is possible.Ilan Smith: illusionist, performer and creator of some of the most talked about illusions our country has even seen.


“Ilan was very professional and engaged at the right level with some very senior business people. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else or serve as a point of reference.”


“Ilan exceeded my expectations. I use various speakers a year to address my staff. this was one of the best (if not the best) speaker that we have had in 20 years.”

– Wimpie PPS – (Professional Provident Society)

“We love him, he is awesome … Missing Link”

– Rich

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