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Laughter Coaching


Heinrich Visser is an internationally recognised and certified laughter coach and public conference speaker. He was awarded the International Laughter Ambassadorship from Laughter Yoga International in October 2020, where only two awards have been given to two people on the African continent.

Since 2008 Heinrich has facilitated laughter workshops for the corporate world. Speaking at local and international conferences, he has delivered workshops to bring health, happiness and joy to individuals and organisations in South Africa, and internationally.

Heinrich trained with the Founder of the Laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Madan Kataria, for his Teachers Certification in Bangalore, India. He is a registered member of Laughter Yoga International and has over 14 years’ experience as a corporate laughter facilitator.

With a reputation as an expert in corporate laughter wellness and well-being, his aim is to help clients and students to reconnect with the power of laughter to bring better wellness, peak performance, and overall well-being into their lives.

Heinrich is passionate about making a positive difference to every person, company, and community he works with. He is professional, caring, and cheerful, providing consistency and fun laughter coaching services and training. He is committed to excellence in his work, always meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Laughter coaching workshops will encourage more reinvention into your company and introduces a new perception into their journey towards greatness for the company and their private lives. Heinrich works nationwide and has national clients.

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