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Virtual Ice Breaker Games


Need something to invigorate your delegates and staff on your virtual meetings and calls?Virtual Ice breaker games are the perfect way to get everyone focused and build a good team spirit before you get your meeting agenda under way.

These games are designed from a host of theatre sports games that performers have used for many years to get focused before a performance and help them to create the energy needed to deliver that stellar show from stage every night.

Virtual Ice Breaker Games work in exactly the same way.

Your delegates will feel focused, energised and see the benefits of working together even if they are sitting at home in different cities from all around the world.

Here at Elegant Entertainment with our 54 years combined theatre experience and access to the best professional theatre sport specialists we will ensure that we get your teams excited and invigorated before your meeting with a quick 10-15 min activation.

It’s cost effective and a great way to build team spirit and make sure your virtual meetings deliver the same excitement and energy you’d want from a live meeting.

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