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Andile Ncube


Mr. Andile Ncube is a well-known media personality who has stolen the hearts of the South African audience from a young age. After matric, Andile Ncube decided to pursue his interest in media and studied Journalismat Technikon Pretoria which is now known as Tshwane University of Technology. Andile Ncube however, only stayed at the Technikon for a year and then enrolled with AFDA and in the same vein began launching his career in the industry.

Andile Ncube is not the average media personality but one who found his niche at an early point in his career which set him apart from the rest. As such, Andile Ncube is a man who can be defined as the epitomeof a game-changer in both the entertainment and sports industry.“The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it” – Warren G. Bennis. Andile Ncube has proven that the aforementioned is true as he is also a producer and a businessman whose business affairs are founded on his passion for the media industry.

Andile Ncube’s charismatic and charming personality are the key factors that contributed to him becoming one of South Africa’s leading and favorite sports presenter. Andile Ncube is a man of many talents; who possesses a hat for both on and off camera demands. He has been described as a great teacher and mentor because he humbly paved the way for his successors and has earned himself a seat at the table of industrygreats.

Andile Ncube is also a proud father and a millennial gentleman who is a visionary. He is an effortlessly sexy and eloquent man who is firmly rooted in his craft and abilities.

Andile Ncube’s brand is aligned with greatness and constantly challenging the status quo. Andile Ncube is a man who has perfected the art of knowing when to take risks and when to play it safe.

His passion for sports has always been ingrained in his DNA – he also had a budding soccer career. A man who can adapt to any given environment, Andile Ncube is also very passionate about two types of sports, namely: football and golf. The height of his football achievements came when was invited to join the Ajax Football Academy, which was then unfortunately cut short by a career-ending injury.

It is evident that Andile Ncube carries an optimistic view of life and this attitude has made him a cut above radio and TV broadcaster, producer and businessman.

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