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Carina Bruwer

Western Cape

ABOUT//International musician | Extreme marathon swimmer | Entrepreneur | Mother

CARINA BRUWER is one of Africa’s most decorated female open water marathon swimmers, as well as an internationally renowned contemporary flute player and the owner of one of the busiest entertainment companies in South Africa. Throw in the title Mother-of-Three, and it is no wonder, Carina says, that she specialises in swimming extreme distances of anything between 20km and 40km – “it certainly clears one’s head”!

Carina’s extensive swimming resume includes crossing the English Channel, the Gibraltar Straits, False Bay, Bonifacio Straits, Messina Straits, Triple Country (France – Monaco – Italy), Robben Island and dozens more, with many of her swims being firsts and/or record breaking feats. This International Marathon Swimming’s Hall of Fame nominee who was also ranked as one of the World Open Water Swimming Association’s top 50 most “daring, courageous and audacious” open water swimmers in the world, founded Swim For Hope in 2014, in order to raise funds and awareness for South African organisations that she supports, through her swimming challenges. The project has raised close to R500,000 since its inception, as well as media coverage worth approximately R1 million.

As a musician, she is widely acclaimed for her phenominal technique combined with her idiosyncratic improvisation skills and soulful interpretations rarely associated with the flute. As soloist and together with the SAMA award-winning instrumental group Sterling EQ which she founded in 2008, Carina has performed across the world and shared stages with global icons, and she continues to perform and record for local and international clients.

Central messages:

* Impossible is a choice

* Our image of the world is often based on how others perceive it. Do not limit yourself based on the limitations of others

* Failure is not something to fear. It is something that – when well earned – can take you to another dimension

* Fear is born in the brain and can be muted by the mind* We discover the strongest version of yourselves in the darkest times


“My gosh! The journey you took us on was such an inspiration! The metaphors that were presented between the ocean and life were so real and true. You delivered your talk with such humility and how you turned your passion into something that you could give back is really a lesson for all. Also loved watching your strokes under the water as I have taken up swimming in the last year, not ocean yet :)”

Shani Judes, organizer – Wavescape Slide Night

“I was engrossed and simply loved your talk. I was sitting listening to your determination, your “self” wanting to achieve, your personal enjoyments, the ego, your disappointments in failure, your achievements, and yet you spoke of the lack of feeling fulfillment…. until the LITTLE FIGHTERS cancer trust came into the equation, and you found meaning of contribution to what you do. Thank you so much. It made a profound impact on my thought processes. And by the way, your two little girls are so pretty, so precious! Go well special lady. You are an inspiration indeed!”

Natalie Wittwen – The School of Lifestyle Medicine

“What an eye opener; everyone just loved your talk! And your timing is simply impeccable. Thanks again.”

Ross Johnson – St Cyprian’s

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