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Dr Steve Harris: Fragile to Agile


Dr. Steve Harris, CEO of eta College, former world champion in Surf lifesaving and former mind coach of the Springboks will present a one hour webinar using Mental Toughness strategies to move from being fragile in a “Red Ocean” to be agile in a “Blue ocean”.

After the webinar, all participants are eligible for PDF copy of Steve’s book. Surviving to Thriving with Mental Toughness. Updated for COVID-19.The content of the webinar is as follows:

1. We need to adapt because of this crisis.

2. If we stockpiled wine beforehand it’s great but wine will not get us through it.

3. We are once again trapped in red oceans of highly contested environments accompanied by despair and need to get to blue oceans where we are sought after and less contested.

4. I provide 3 examples of what we could reduce and 3 of what we can eliminate to get out of the Red Ocean.

5. Then 4 examples of what we can do to raise and 4 examples of what we can create to get. to the Blue Ocean.

6. So, how do we use mental toughness to go from fragile to agile?

7. I use 7 South African Icons to introduce each mental toughness component and discussion on them.

8. Nelson Mandela for concentration. He maintained his passion for 27 years in prison. He helped us understand we can’t go back to how things were and we must go forward to a

new normal where people are kinder and more inclusive.

9. Charlize Theron for composure. Her mum killed her dad when she was fifteen. She reinvented herself as an academy award actress.

10. Siya Kholisi for controlled aggression. Against huge odds led the Springboks to a world cup title.

11. Trevor Noah for confidence. He took over from the iconic John Steward to host the daily

show and reinvented its audience to greater heights.

12. Elon Musk for calculated risks. He is arguably the world’s greatest entrepreneur.

13. Mamaphela Ramphele for competence. She went from eastern cape activist to vice president of the world bank.14. Caster Semenya for commitment. In the face of enormous. obstacles in particular gender prejudice. She had to decide between gritting and quitting.Then discussion!


“Thanks Steve. That was awesome – too short but awesome…. Looking forward to the future now!!”

– Steven Schaefer | THE SPAR GROUP LTD

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