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JOY Movement with Robynn Niemack


JOY is a wellness movement anchored in dance fitness. The concept is really a combination of worship and working out.

Borne out of the desperate to keep my sanity during Covid-19 and national lockdown, fighting to stay afloat, with sustained economic inactivity and increased body weight weighing in on me simultaneously, Joy was birthed. This programme is the pulling together of the strands of faith, fitness, and friend being woven together to provide a platform for people of all races, places, colours, creeds, and classes to find joy and share it. Gospel Music, which is the backbone of joy, allows participants to be energized, edified and encouraged while we all navigate a season where we have to REBUILD, RESTORE & RENEW.

As a woman and activist, I decided to draw the line and stage a sustained protest against any music that objectifies women and reduces all men to predators who seek to plunder our virtue which results in all sorts of abuse, misuse, and destruction of humanity.

Joy’s philosophy is simple – every human being as a right to have and share joy, to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants (HUMAN BEINGS). For this reason, we extend this movement to ALL, with a specific focus on the poor, downtrodden, grieving, heartbroken, oppressed, depressed, confused, rejected, isolated, ostracized – victims, villains, and victors.

AtJOY, we believe in hope, promise, rejoicing and giving thanks in all situations.

Our delightful team is always cheerful, helpful and ready to spread joy to the people meet, and in the opportunities, we are granted, to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

We offer:

Physical Education Solutions for Schools & CollegesCreative Arts Industry/Ministry Fitness ProgrammesCorporate and Faith-based (Church) Wellness Days Planning & CoordinationInteractive Entertainment for Fitness Festivals & Revivals;

Special Events & Cardio PartiesBrand and Church Outreach ProgrammesChoreography for Gospel Music Concerts and VideosLet us rebuild, restore, and restore with JOY!

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