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Juanita Vorster


Juanita Vorster regularly guides business leaders in the fast lane to future success, with a specific focus on doing better business, better. Juanita is a successful business owner and holds the designations of Certified Director (SA), Certified Ethics Officer, and Chartered Public Relations Practitioner.

As an “old millennial” she has experienced the world of work how it used to be, as well as where it has already shifted to. Because of this she is uniquely positioned to give practical guidance on how to stay ahead of the curve, even in highly regulated environments.

Juanita regularly presents keynote and workshop sessions within the broad topic of “better business”.

She is the sole partner of the world-renowned “Staying in the Helicopter”® series created by Roger Harrop to help business leaders successfully work on (and not just in) their companies, and provide jargon-free advice on how to succeed in the new game of business.

Juanita has a knack for turning complex concepts into simplified, practical advice based on her own experience as business owner and independent non-executive director.

Her high energy delivery style always leads to audience comments of feeling inspired with renewed hope, and the phrase “I never thought about it that way, thanks Juanita!”


“Thank you, Juanita. It was a hugely successful session with some key strategies and action plans flowing from it. I agree that the future of the Institute is bright. Exciting times ahead.”

“Juanita’s topic tied in perfectly with the rest of our session and I received positive feedback from the participants.”

“Thank you Juanita for respecting us and going the extra mile in preparing your presentation.”

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