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Larry Saffer Virtual Show


With Larry’s unique capabilities to read minds, predict thoughts and show other mentalism effects over the airwaves, we are offering a show package that includes amazing motivational messaging which your company or group can still enjoy without ever leaving the office, city or country!

What does this mean?

Imagine watching a world-class motivational show in the comfort of your office space or a venue of your choosing. The show will be live as it will take place through a video conferencing call app like Skype or Zoom. The show will not be pre-recorded. Larry Soffer will actually interact with your employees or guests as if he is there. He will be able to read their minds, predict their thoughts and get them to experience mentalism at it’s finest.

How will it work?

All you will need is a big screen or projector, a laptop with a good camera and sound, a good internet connection, and the group together in a space to tune in. For employees working from home, we will also have an option. We will send you the appropriate details to access the video call, which will be tested before the start time, and then when it is time, the show will begin!

Why do we need this?

This show option eliminates the need for travel. It allows you to still enjoy entertainment and inspiration from anywhere in the world. Besides that, it would be a great gift to your employees or clients that would benefit from the upliftment and motivation an experience like this will bring. Experts are already predicting a decline in mental health for workers suddenly in isolation, not adhering to normal routines and not enjoying the comradery an office or work environment offers. We can all do with a little bit ofjoy during this time

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