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Live Streaming Studio


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and South Africa’s ban on social gatherings, businesses are going to have to reassess their events, launches, and conferences until such time as the crisis and social distancing are a thing of the past.

Even once this pandemic has passed, the world as a whole will be looking toward a new “normal”, one which we foresee becoming a more virtual reality. Mstarr Productions is proud to present a number of innovative and professional virtual events and conferencing solutions to suit all needs and budgets.

Virtual Event Solution

The fully operational presenter pod, based at the Park House of Events on 7 in Hyde Park includes:

– A private stage (which can be fully branded)

– Minimal seating at the required social distancing requirements (if needed and/or allowed)

– A centrally

-located venue which adheres to strict sanitizing regulations

– Our technical team on-site to ensure professional & seamless streaming

– State of the art live-streaming facilities.

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