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Nazli George


If you don’t know, where have you been? For the past 30 years, she is one of South Africa’s top actors, she has kicked up a storm in Theatres on Television in Films and on Radio.

SHE is a SAFTA AWARD WINNER, She has written, directed, produced top productions that all opened at the Baxter Theatre to sold-out houses, these shows have received critical acclaim, at festivals and various theatres across the country. Nazli George shows has set a precedent at the Baxter Theatre, her shows since 1995 have brought people to the theatre who otherwise would not have come, Nazli has paved the way for other artists, like the Jo Barbers and the Mark Lottering’s, she has an extremely large fan base across the country.

Her shows are always sold out wherever they perform, she is a dynamic talented woman who not only acts, sings, dancers, but writes truly South African stories, Nazli George is the brand, whatever she touches turns to gold, she is a unique artist who not only climbs the Ladder with her career but has always plowed back into the community that has made her, Nazli George is the only female actor from the Cape Flats that writes her own work, performs, is a successful businesswoman and nurtures talent from the Cape Flats.

Nazli continues to take theatre to new heights; she takes shows to the people in the most remote township or area. Nazli is a true people’s person, the people of Cape Town remain close to her heart and she remains close to her supporters, she has schools in all provinces that support her shows regularly besides, organizations, clubs, churches, and companies.

Nazli is a true icon, a woman who inspires the community; she started her own production company called N.G.PROMOTIONS. Nazli George is an example of somebody who never forgets her Rootz.

NAZLI GEORGE was born on the 28th May 1966, an only child in LANSDOWNE, CAPE TOWN, her parents divorced when she was a baby, her mom died when she was 11yrs old, her granny reared her and she is eternally grateful to have had the privilege to look after her granny until she died at the age of 94, Nazli granny was like her mother, she values the teaching and morals instilled into her as a child and today she applies that to her home, to her family, she is married for 16 years and has an 8yr old daughter. Nazli and her family make the lord the center of their life, they involved on various levels at their church.

NAZLI GEORGE has a strong bond with her extended family, cousins, aunties, uncles and with her group of friends. She attended Portia Primary school in Lansdowne, She started ballet at the age of 6 and joined the Carol Shapiro School of ballet receiving CECCHETTI Training, she remained at this ballet school privately until after matric, she attended WYNBERG Senior Secondary school, she was one of the first matriculants to do the joint matriculation board exams in DRAMA and BALLET. She has received many awards while at school doing eisteddfods, festivals for both ballet and drama.

NAZLI GEORGE boasts an impressive curriculum; she is a University of Cape Town drama graduate, a College of Trinity in LondonGraduate, an award-winning, stage, television, film, radio actress, a drama teacher, a writer,a director and a producer of award-winning shows.

Nazli started her production company NG PROMOTIONS in 1995 in CAPE TOWN, to create a platform for original South African work, in doing so she has managed to write 6 top productions that tells our own unique stories;

these productions create a voice for the once forgotten community. The names of the productions are:

1. Daai’s Mos Reality

2. En Soe Gaan Die Storie Aan

3. Sisters in Arms

4. The Diva Musical

5. Off The Cuff

6. Rootz

These productions are comedies at its best, it’s funny, entertaining, and educating and it boasts an excellent storyline.

NAZLI GEORGE has written 30original songs. ROOTZ was her one women show she wrote to honour her granny and her mother, 2 strong powerful God-fearing women who influenced her life. N.G. Promotions is a professional production company that besides writing its own original work, it also takes the challenge to produce the shows and in many cases head the direction but also allow top directors to work on the projects, e.g. Ralph Lawson and Janice Honeyman as well as up and coming directors.N.G. Promotions has extended their services, talented youth from the communities are cast in the shows, most of them have received their training from Nazli George, they are encouraged through N.G Promotions to further their studies. Nazli tutors them for the College of Trinity exams; most of them have qualifications from the College of Trinity.

Majority of the actors have become very successful they have landed roles in Egoli, 7de Laan, and played in the top stage and musical productions and worked for top radio stations, and are accomplished comedians, namely Kurt Schoonraad, Aziz Abrahams, Mortimer Williams, Mary Daniels, Webster, Bronwyn Van Graan, Antonio Fischer, José Engelbrecht, Chad Abrahams, just to name a few.

N.G. Promotions offers speech and drama classes and has successfully toured with students to the Klein Karoo Kunstefees as well as the Grahams town festival. N.G Promotions writes their own original music, the songs are written in various genres. N.G Promotions is not funded, Nazli George has taken all the financial risks. N.G Promotions has for the past 24 years assisted and motivated organizations to help themselves to establish a solid fundraising drive.

N.G. Promotions also do various projects at primary schools across the country that covers various topics namely: Aids, Bullying, Drugs and Child Abuse, Respect, Education, Discipline; Abduction, Violence, Self Confidence, Crime, etc…

N.G. PROMOTIONS also does productions at high schools namely: Youth Rendition that covers Aids, Drugs, Alcoholism, Teenage Pregnancy, Violence, Relationships, and Social Issues, etc.

N.G.PROMOTIONS also does various projects at companies that cover various issues namely: Aids, Safety and Security in the Workplace, Occupational Health, Substance Abuse, Responsibility towards your Profession and Community, Transformation, Life skills, Positive Life Styling, and Being Competent and Reliable and Efficient.

Nazli George and her husband owns CN AUDIO SUPPORT, a technical company that supply and operate sound and lighting requirements for conferences, exhibitions, launches, campaigns, schools, shopping centers, churches, theatres, events, etc…C N AUDIO SUPPORT has brought a few mining companies on board like ANGLO AMERICAN, PETRA DIAMONDS, PPC, VEDANTA who sponsored the company to take the ANTI BULLYING AND STOP THE ABUSE campaign that NAZLI wrote to schools in their region, Nazli George has built NG PROMOTIONS to where it is today,

NAZLI GEORGE and her husband continue to climb the ladder with CN AUDIO SUPPORT yet she still continues to have an impressive performing career, this year she celebrates 30 years as an award-winning TV, FILM, STAGE ACTRESS in the industry.

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