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Phillip Ramphisa


Phillip Ramphisa is a Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, and Author of several books including “Young, Wise Kick-S” as well as “Confidence for Success”.

For more than a decade Phillip Ramphisa has dedicated his life to helping people achieve the kind of success that brings happiness and fulfilment. He has helped a countless number of people to overcome obstacles and find break-throughs in their life goals, careers, relationships and finances.

Phillip Ramphisas life mission is to end suffering and empower people to become the best.

Mr. Ramphisa is the Founder of Fapro LA and Triumph, an organisation that helps younger people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals no matter what background they come from.

He holds two masters degrees including anMBA from the University of the Witwatersrand. Phillip has held senior management positions in several multinational companies and is currently studying for a Doctorate Degree in Business Leadership.

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