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Steven Heyman - Yoga Instructor


Steven was born in Belgium and lost his heart in Africa since 2004. He has lived in Nigeria and South Africa, where he was working as managing director for a logistics company. During an extended holiday in India in 2009, he was introduced to different styles of yoga, and since then he has continued to practice yoga regularly and experience its many benefits to stay balanced and healthy while having a busy traveling and work schedule.

Steven loves the vinyasa flow style of yoga with a good amount of strength and intensity in the classes and its always-changing sequences depending on the inspiration of the moment. In 2013 he completed his first yoga teacher training, promptly quit his corporate job after 12 years, and started Yoga Works to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with lots of people and to organize fun yoga events in and around Johannesburg (you can find him on rooftops, in art galleries, in the park,…)

Expect fun and creative sequences focussed around a central theme per session, accessible to all levels of yogis who enjoy a bit of challenge and surprise. Steven loves inversions and arm balances and always offers lots of opportunities to go upside down or to try out something unexpected.

Other important elements of his classes include funky playlists, lots of hands-on adjustments and precise instructions for safe alignment.

Steven has trained with a number of internationally renowned teachers like Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, Honsa & Claudine Lafond, Mackenzie Miller, Mathieu Boldron, and Cameron Shayne.


I have developed several new mini-workshops during the lockdown period which can work great as a movement break as well as giving people the tools to maintain and improve their health and vitality.

Here are some possible themes you can choose from, or feel free to add your own topic you would like to work around (all sessions usually consist of movement/stretches, a breathing exercise and a brief mindfulness session).

The sessions can either be taught as a physical yoga practice (on a mat) or alternatively as a practice done on a chair including movement and other exercises – or it might be a nice idea to offer a bit of both so that everyone can get a taste of the different wellness practices.


Desk Therapy

Building Strong Foundations

Slow Down

Immune Booster Toolbox

(Re)Learning to Trust


Show up and Let go


Energy Boost

Finding Balance

Freedom of Movement

Change Perspective

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