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The Other Michael Jackson


Need to flatten the change curve?

Our keynote speaker Michael Jackson has already applied his communication and marketing expertise to audiences at over 2 700 conferences and events across 46 countries. An informative and inspiring speaker on innovative human and business change, he has addressed world leaders and global CEOs yet is equally as comfortable with sleeves rolled speaking at the factory floor level.

Passionate about what he does, Jackson creates and delivers outstanding, memorable and company personalized speeches, and is also is available to attend your entire event as an expert, experienced on-stage conference facilitator or interviewer. Combining immediate, up to date stories of market-relevant business information with the historic, current and future dynamics of business change, Jackson ensures his audiences become completely engaged, think differently and are better able to react to the complexities brought by massive, constant change.

Michael Jackson delivers a powerful set of messages, expertly weaving your story into his materials and creates maximum impact with any audience.

Innovative Thinking Required

The new normal in a post-Covid world The decade of the 2020s was meant to deliver a modern, integrated, tech-smart, seamlessly connected and better planet for us all. Now, following the black swan Covid-19 pandemic, it has delivered a major hangover from which we all need a massive wake up call.

In a world of new economics, new politics and shifting balances of power we urgently need to break through typical business thinking and psychologically inherent human behaviors to flatten the current change curve.

Rapid business recovery and refocus is essential. Shaping your mindset, re-creating your story and delivering into a very different future is now essential. This stimulating keynote presentation, personalized for your organization, is exactly the medicine you need right now.


“We hired Michael to serve as master of ceremonies at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference in Dubai, 2018. Michael is a gifted public speaker – he fits right in, as if he’d been in our industry for a while. He was friendly, engaging, and flexible. And oh, that voice! It a bit of gravitas to our conference.”

Chris Keating, Group President, Restaurant Media & Events, Winsight (USA)

“There is no better MC or Featured Speaker than Michael Jackson. He engages and captivates the audience immediately and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does Michael come prepared to speak with his own, well thought out content, but he also dives into the company he is speaking for. He learns and understands their business and the audience he is talking to. He reinforces corporate philosophies and works them into each presentation. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Michael again. You cannot go wrong with Michael Jackson!”

Howard Spector, Executive Producer, Ashley Events (USA

)Michael and I have worked together on multiple industry conferences in the Foodservice space. I am always impressed by his ability to pivot and adapt to any last-minute content changes as well as his ability to captivate the audience on any subject he presents! He is a welcomed addition to each of our events and I hope he’ll be a mainstay for years to come! Jack Cleveland, Senior Manager, Programs, Technomic Inc. (USA)

We have worked with Michael on several events and have been extremely happy to get him onboard for his great contribution to our events: – actively supporting the entire process with a holistic approach starting from marketing, to content delivery on to customer experience and insight – Michael is able to lift up a conference and entire event to a level that is giving both customers and organizers a real productive and quality-driven experience.

Agnes Gehot, Event Director, Informa Markets (Europe)

“The Other Michael Jackson is a superb speaker and MC. If you want to keep your audience engaged and entertained, you’ll struggle to find someone better. I look forward to seeing him on stage again.”

Nikki Fourie, Program Manager, South African Reserve Bank (SA)

A true gentleman. Jackson is a national treasure.

Nelson Mandela, Former President, Republic of South Africa

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