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Tiaan and his Ukulele


Approximately three years ago Tiaan Rautenbach realized that he had a big love for a little guitar and he has never looked back. Teaching himself how to play the ukulele proved easier than expected, with prior guitar-playing knowledge and the help of a few useful apps, and the rest as they say is history.

He formed the band Soozie and the Cheesewagon with long-time friend and musical partner, cellist, Lani Groves. They quickly built up a following via social networking and numerous live performances. Sadly his band partner moved to Knysna and he is currently going at it alone, but just as strong as ever.

Incorporating the kazoo into his solo sets, Tiaan (or Solo Cheese as he sometimes refers to himself) creates a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere with his quirky renditions of anything from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra and everything in between.

Perfect as a feature performer or to create atmospheric background tunes or even to roam amongst your guests serenading them, Tiaan and his ukulele is sure to bring a fun element to your event or private function.

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